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'Burger Baron' Alexa Game by Web Ventures Ltd (NZ)

User Provided Information

For standard use of Alexa Skills published by Web Ventures Ltd we will not normally use any information you provide to us to contact you.

Advanced usage of some Alexa Skills allows calculations or other information to be emailed or texted to you, solely at your request. In order to take advantage of such features you would need to supply us with your email address or mobile phone number. Personal information supplied in this way will be used solely for the purpose described at the time that the information is supplied. The information will not be sold or gifted to third parties unless required by law.

Important information about upgrades, bug-fixes, or recommendations will normally be distributed by means of the Amazon Alexa skills site.

Automatically Collected Information

As part of normal operation of Alexa Skills certain information may be collected by us or by Amazon Alexa, including but not limited to your unique user ID, hardward device ID, prior and current usage of the skills.

Your Control Over Information
You may opt out of future contact from us at any time. This can be done by de-listing the Alexa skill from all of your devices.

We take good practice precautions to protect information that has been collected about you. Any passwords or sensitive information that you supply to us will be encrypted and kept secure.

Our Privacy Policy may be amended on occasions. Any changes will be posted to this page.

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